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Drivers Ed A drivers Ed class decides no one can get their license without stealing a road sign. Remy and Morgan plan to steal signs with Nicholas and a friend of his. Later that night, Morgan was watching TV and found out a woman died in a car accident an hour after they stole a stop sign. Nicholas told Remy and Morgan not to tell anyone, or he would blame it all on them. The drivers Ed teacher suspects a girl named Kirsten, because she knows how to play mailbox baseball. Remy started to feel guilty, so she told the teacher that it was her who stole the sign and killed the woman. Morgan and Remy tell their parents, Morgan's mother took Christmas away, and Remy's mother stopped talking to her. Morgan, Remy, the drivers Ed teacher, and their fathers went to the husband of the woman to tell him what happened.

I would identify myself with Morgan. He likes girls and cars. He gets himself into trouble sometimes, but usually doesn't get caught. Just like me. It says that he likes to play sports. I also enjoy playing sports. We have the same reactions to things. He started feeling guilty about the sign situation like I probably would have.

Remy and Morgan like eachother, but think the other doesn't like them back, but they end up dating. Remy and Morgan's first date was stealing the sign. They both didn't want to steal the sign, but Nicholas wanted the sign, so they took it. Facing the guilt they had to endure, Remy and Morgan finally broke down and told their parents.

Remy steals a stop sign with Morgan. They torture themselves, because they hear a woman was killed in an accident because they took the sign. After a while they...