[ENGLISH] Science Fiction STORY PART 3

Essay by ruskipaul June 2004

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Sitting in the pilot seat, (of a new scientifically improved Valkyrie flyer) and Charlie next to me, I felt a rush of exhilaration. I always had loved flying. I slowly pulled the lever for the doors of the flight pod to open. I started the computer, organized our flight path and put it on autopilot. We were to meet up with the ship 'Bascal' (the emergency rescue team) at zero twelve hundred hours.

I started the engine. Loving how the moors roared.... 'Fasten your helmets and seatbelts!' the computer warned as the flyer edged through the open pod doors and into the black, never-ending space...

The flyer was surprisingly big for a two seater.... I marveled at how much room we had to move about. It even had a toilet which none of the high speed flyers had. I shrugged off my uncomfortable flight jacket and flexed my muscles.

I looked over to where Charlie was sitting bent over her computer, typing furiously.

"Hay, whatcha doin?" I asked folding my arms over my head.

"....Umm, just sending a message to the rescue team reporting that we'll be there in a couple of hours." She replied looking up at me and then resumed her typing.

I gazed at her back and just sat there deep in thought.

It was silent for a couple of minutes; The only sounds was the engine whirling and the sounds if Charlie beeping away on the computer.

I yawned and stood up, stretched and touched my computer screen. It flicked on immediately telling me to state my name and for my finger print, needed so the computer could log me into my main hard drive. I touched onto my music folder and up came my range of music. Seconds later, the sounds of DJ Sammy filled the cabin. Isettled back comfortably into my seat and closed my eyes.

"Hey Bryan!" shouted Charlie over the music "Turn it down will ya?"

I opened my eyes, reached over and turned the volume down.

"Why?" I asked with indignation "Don't you like DJ Sammy?"

"Oh yeah, TOTALLY!" Charlie smirked sarcastically.

"It's like 20 years old that music!"

"Hey!" I said reproachfully, "Its cool! Don't diss da music!" grinning at her.

Charlie rolled her eyes at me and turned back to her computer.

I sat there for a while listening to the pounding music till my head slumped and I fell asleep.....