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Now is the time in most weddings that a daughter would dance with her father. Unfortunately I will not have that opportunity to do this, but I do have a special story to share with everyone about my dad, Kenneth Wayne Richardson and me.

As many of you all know, I was very close to my dad, as some would say a daddy's girl. I looked just like him, dreamed just like him, and most of all I had his same nervous energy just like him. He knew that I was always bouncing off the walls, and full of energy, but he always seemed to have all the patience in the world when it came to his baby girl. He always helped me make all the correct decisions in my life, and if he did not agree he found a way to talk me out of it like no one else could.

I knew it when I looked into his eyes, that I meant everything to him.

As a child you dream of marrying a man just like your daddy, someone that could do no wrong, someone that could fix everything and someone that would be there for you for the rest of your life. From the first day I dreamt of my wedding, I saw my self walking down the aisle arm in arm with my dad and then him giving me away to the man of my dreams.

I was very pleased to know that Marty took both of my parents to dinner to ask my hand in marriage. I remember him telling me how special it was because all three of them sat at the table and cried because my parents especially my dad was overjoyed that he had such a wonderful man ask him to marry...