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There are many reasons why people enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction stories. I particularly prefer fiction stories because the author has the ability to exaggerate a story where as in non-fiction the author has to stick to the truth. I like the truth; however, I like the excitement an author can give to a story when the truth can be stretched. This paper is going to talk about the differences and similarities between fiction and non-fiction.

When reading fiction I experience many different emotions. The fiction story "Virtual Romance" by Paulina Borsook brought out many different emotions while I was reading it. I experienced anticipation when the author would take her time getting to the next exciting moment in the couples relationship. Excitement is another emotion that I experienced while reading this story. The excitement of the love lives of the two main characters as they continued their love affair long distance.

This story also gave me a little confusion with how and why it ended the way it did. However, in the non-fiction story "All the Young Fausts" by Mark Hall the main emotion that I felt while reading the story was boredom. The story had no excitement; I did not anticipate what was going to happen next. I was actually anticipating the end of the story. Not all non-fiction is always boring; however, in this particular story there was absolutely no excitement to this story.

The reason I enjoy fiction over non-fiction is because in fiction the author is free to take the story anywhere. The author can take the readers on any type of journey the author wants to take them on. However, if I am looking to learn information about the truth then I will read a non-fiction story. In the non-fiction story "All the...