Flight 321

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Mr. Matthew Heafy Chiodos sat in his large dark leather chair in the corner of the living room of his hotel in Paris, watching the 10 o'clock news on a local French network. Issue after issue, he grew tired, until one story came up, one with a personal affiliation with himself. The reporter stood behind Flight 321, and although he did not understand the language the reporter was using, he knew completely what it was about. As the story ran on, Mr. Chiodos's mind dosed off, but he was able to recollect the entire story, and know that he was the one the reporter called "The savior of 163 people".

At 5:00pm on a stormy Sunday, his two-class, B 7300 plane arrived at the Berlin international airport. Mr. Chiodos's important meeting in Paris the following evening was already delayed and he knew that this sort of storm didn't clear quickly.

At 5:15, the gates opened, and Mr. Chiodos took his brown suitcase and strolled down the aerobridge into the waiting plane.

As he entered the plane, the strong aroma of the airline greeted him, along with a woman in a green dress; newspapers in one hand and drink tray in the other.

"Hello sir, welcome onboard. What seat number are you?" she asked Mr. Chiodos.

"Seat 6A" he replied, looking around the cabin.

"Right this way sir" said the hostess, guiding him to the first class section. He glanced around the cabin, and spotted one man and his friend. As he gazed at them, he noticed that they were both unusually nervous. One of the men was a bit chubby, and bald. He was around 5'6, and he was wearing a pale brown shirt, stained with sweat marks. He had little to no facial hair, and had...