God's Gift.

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One day when God felt generous,

He looked down at me and smiled,

"Since I feel so magnanimous,

I'd like to give you something, child."

He asked me what I wanted,

I said, "Oh, really nothing more,

You've done so much already."

He said, "That's what God is for."

"You have been pretty good," He said,

I know there's not much that you seek,

I will pick a little something,

Just to make your life complete."

With great anticipation,

I looked forward to my gift,

I wondered what God had in mind,

That would give me such a lift.

"This gift," God said, "You realize,

Bears some responsibility,

So, if you accept my present,

You must be willing to agree...

"To offer unconditionally,

A section or a part,

Of more than half of you,

The larger portion of your heart."

"Okay, God," I answered,

"Since in You, I always trust,

I'll meet your obligation,

In the manner that I must."

To myself, I thought, wow, what a gift,

For so much of me, God's asked,

Now what could be so valuable,

That my share was more than half?

With both hands I sought my gift,

I still did not have a clue,

Then God put your hand in mine,

And said His gift to me was YOU!