Illegal Immigration

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Mackenzie Wolf

David Brenner

English 1302 - Summer 1


Immigration To A Whole New Level

In our world today, immigration is not necessarily a horrible thing, but breaking the law is. Many different socialists, economists, and political leaders say that The United States economy can depend on illegal immigrants. Not only do they accept low income for necessary jobs such as construction workers, but they also pay their taxes, and spend money which all plays a part in our national economy. On the other hand, other economists say the opposite in terms of illegal immigrants do not help The United States economy whatsoever. To where they can help our economy, or to make our nation more of a diverse country, how should citizens of The United States of American respond to the national problem of illegal immigration? That question may not seem the easiest to answer. It is extremely vital for citizens of The United States to look further into this national epidemic and over globalization in our country.

It may mean to organize our migration into the Untied States better, restrict illegal substances into our country, or to overall provide sources to help our nation deal with illegal immigration in a better way. With critically looking into six secondary sources to further my answer to this question, there will be many different outlooks on this national concern.

Immigration should be more managed, rationally, creatively, compassionately, and cooperatively as the author, Kofi Annan, discusses in his article, "Lecture on International Flows of Humanity." The article shows the audience how immigration is vital to The United States economy and how they should be treated more fairly in our country and across the world. Not only does he agree that migration into our nation should be managed better, he believes that...