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I will prove to my audience that many ways exist to improve society by giving examples what can be done to improve equality, the justice system and child welfare because my essay might help my audience realize that things can be done to make the world a better and safer place.

Discrimination, drugs and child abuse. From these three things many of society's ills stem out from. Numerous tragedies have resulted from them and will continue to do so if something isn't done.

Not as prevalent as it was in earlier times, discrimination is still a major problem in society. For example the Columbine school shooting. While many people blame guns and violent media I think the root of the problem is discrimination of those kids because they where "different". Many racially motivated problems also occur, like not hiring someone because of their race and stereotypes of certain cultures.

The only way to stop this I think is educating people on other races and cultures. Have you ever been asked by a tourist "How often do the Indians attack?" that is just ignorance to the modern Native American lifestyle. Children often learn from their parents. If the parents have a "grudge" against a group of people, out of loyalty the kids will probably also. By education it is possible to stop this cycle.

I also think that our society would vastly improve if the court system was redone. There really should be tougher penalties for drugs, drunk driving and other crimes. Currently some of the penalties for possessing drugs is sometimes only a couple of months or a fine. This should be sharply increased. Most likely these people will just go out and do it again. They need to be shown that great consequences exist. Drunk driving needs tougher...