Learning Team Behavior Processes

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how LearningTeam A has evolved into a high performance group. It discusses the roles and responsibilities, time management, decision making strategies, communication and conflict resolution techniques adopted by team A members to successfully deliver learning team assignments.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities within team groups are critical to ensure the success of the team. Many times a team member will play multiple roles and have various responsibilities. Such is the case with Learning Team A. Each team member has identified the role(s) they believe will benefit the team the most. For more information about how the below roles were identified, "See Table 1."

Member 1 - Strategic Thinker, Negotiator, Project Manager (week 2), Quality Controller, Coach, Salesperson, Team Worker

Member 2 - Salesperson, Project Manager (week 3), Consultant, Negotiator, Team Worker

Member 3 - Team Worker, Strategic Thinker, Consultant, Project Manager (week 5)

Member 4 - Quality Controller, Project Manager (week 4), Team Worker, Strategic Thinker, Auditor, Consultant

Although not all roles may be necessary in the learning team, it is helpful for every member to understand each other's strengths and preferences.

As noted by Thompson, Aranda, Robbins, et.al. (2002), "[a] group's potential level of performance is, to a large extent, dependent on the resources that its members individually bring to the group" (p. 43). Without understanding each team member's preferences, the tasks to be completed would take longer.

As far as responsibilities go, the team has agreed to accept the assignments of each week's leader (Project Manager) and share in the editing and proofreading responsibilities. By doing this, each member will enhance their skills in each area.

Prioritizing Responsibility and Task

Responsibility is delegating to all members of the team. Each member shares the responsibility and completes...