Marketing Plan: Final Paper

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Marketing Plan: Final Paper

Zulema Buckner, James Lee, Arika Mobley

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MKT 421

Ken LeCour

August 30, 2007

Marketing Plan: Final Paper

Satellite Radio is the newest way for people to tune in to their favorite songs. With the music coming direct from the satellite to the receiver, there have been a multitude of advantages over regular AM/FM radio. XM has been a satellite radio provider since 1992. XM offers listeners continuous, commercial free music of their choice from 170 digital channels. The sound is crystal clear and listeners also have the choice of listening to live news, sports, traffic, weather, and talk programs (XM, 2007).

Satellite radio is the first big innovation in radio since the popularity of FM radio in the 1970's. XM Satellite Radio was incorporated in 1992. On October 5, 1999 XM Radio stock was being publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

Currently XM radio receivers are being manufactured through some of the biggest names in electronics including Delphi, Panasonic, and Yamaha. The receivers can be found at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and other independent dealers. The company has also connected Toyota, Honda, GM, and many other car companies to offer their product in over 140 models of cars (XM, 2007).

XM Replay Radio will promote through various mediums. Television, point of purchase and magazines is where XM will do most of their promoting. Television advertisement will be on USA, ESPN, SPIKE TV, and LIFETIME. XM will also focus on News television such as CNN and MSNBC. XM will advertise Replay Radio on major networks during the daytime hours. To effectively reach the target market, XM will focus on specific times and specific shows.

Point of purchase advertisements will have demos that take place in highly XM promoted...