Marketing Tools and Customer Service on Travel Web Sites

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IntroductionThe travel industry is a competitive marketplace and faces a variety of challenges in order to be successful. One of the main challenges faced by travel companies is making his or her business stand out from the competition. How can a business do this? A company can do this by creating a marketing campaign that is unique and different. With the impact the internet has had on the travel industry this has become even more difficult as the number of competitors has grown exponentially.

When a travel business begins creating a marketing plan there are a few key areas that should be focused on. Some important areas of focus would be how to attract new customers while retaining the existing clientele; creating customer value; multi-channel marketing and a thorough review of the current economic state of the travel industry. Has there been a downturn in travel and if there has what caused it? This will have an impact on the overall marketing strategy so it is an important issue to address.

Team B will take a look at three different resorts and evaluate the marketing tools that each uses and compare the customer service.

Couples' Marketing ToolsWhen looking at marketing a business the organization needs to take into consideration the name and how that name can be used as a tool to identify easily what the business offers. Couples' name says a great deal about the demographic group that is being targeted. It is clear to potential vacationers the environment created at this resort is tailored to meet the needs of couples wanting a relaxed and stress-free get-away.

Another marketing tool that Couples uses is a reward points program. This program gives guests the opportunity to accumulate points that can be used during future visits to the numerous resorts...