The Masque of The red Death.

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This story is about major diesis that passed through the country. It was a slow painful death. The diesis was called the "Red Death" when a person got that; they started to bleed through all the pores in the body. There was a prince his name was Prince Prospero. When the Red Death diesis struck the country, he was happy that the population was getting smaller and smaller each day.

Prince Prospero wasn't really upset that his people where dieing. He gathered all his friends to one of his castles. They has food, music, different types of entrainment, so the guests wouldn't get board. The castle had seven different rooms and colors. The colors of the rooms where, blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, and black. Each room had the same decoration color through out; even the window color corresponded to the room. Except for the black room, it had deep blood color windows and a huge ebony clock.

Every hour the ebony clock rang, telling the entire crowd that sixty minutes where over. When the clock rang the whole crowd grew silent and pale, they knew that another hour had past and there is no turn back now. The seven rooms where filed with people and they where all enjoying the environment. Only in the black room, no one set a foot.

All of the sudden there was a tall figure covered all n black and had a mask on, this person was walking around and whispering to everybody the there will be a surprise. When the 12th hour came the clock rang, 12 strokes. The person in the mask was standing in the black room, when the prince and his people entered the room. All of the sudden the prince fell down as the red...