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As I have been watching the events that have followed after the September 11th's terrible tragedies, all I can keep thinking to myself is, " I wish I could be there helping, I wish I could help hunt down those terrible people that did this to us!" Though I'm not talking about the heroism that would come with this, no I'm talking about doing that job, doing what I love to do.

        Though that is a long ways off, I'm actively working on it, because I plan graduating in December and attending MSSC to obtain my Criminal Justice Degree, and someday be able to apply for the FBI and be accepted. Not only do I want to get my Criminal Justice degree, but I also want to get one in Psychology. And though I have these high dreams I need my education first, and paying for this is the problem, because coming from a family of 4 children my parents long ago decided that we would have to pay for our own college educations.

        Many times when I think of the cost of my dreams, I get very discouraged because I have worked every year during school, and during the summer of my high years and I have yet been able hardly put enough away to pay for my first semester. As of right now, I am working 30 hours a week, and attending school, which it makes it hard to keep up and remain active with my clubs, 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, DECA, SADD, and Hi-Step, but I do try, but I have so many that it sometimes proves to be difficult.

        As I explained before during the summer I do keep a job, but I also volunteer to do many things also. One thing that is very important to me that I have done for many years, is volunteer to be a 4-H camp counselor, someone that helps with the camp, and mentors those young kids, and tries to make good impressions on them, so help guide them in some way. This summer I was also able to handle working two jobs. That was a challenge let me tell you.

        Sometimes I find myself very stressed out, but then, I sit down and think, "That's one more step to my dream, one more closer to it." Then I relax and think of the next few things I need to get done, to put me a little father ahead in the game and I set my mind to getting those things done. And sometimes I wonder if I'm doing all of this for nothing, sometimes I wonder"¦ "Will you really like being in the FBI?" Then I tell myself, "You'll only know if you get there and decide that you don't." So if you could help me along in obtaining my dream, I would be most appreciative. It's going to be a long hard road, but I'm looking forward to walking very part of it. And thank you greatly for considering my application.