Ode to my love

Essay by aic_boiHigh School, 10th grade June 2004

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I call out your name at the darkest hour,

My heart the pain will soon devour.

The pain of you not being here,

I need your presence I need you near.

The way your hair shines with the sun,

You will always be my only one.

The way you walk down so gracefully,

The way you dress so elegantly,

You're unique to me in every way,

That's why with me you have to stay.

When you walk down the street heads turn around,

They admire your walk as your feet touch the ground.

In everyway you're just so special and great,

So in your hands I rest my fate.

Your laugh and your smile,

I stop and stare for a while.

To see you happy overwhelms me with delight,

If you were depressed I cannot sleep at night.

The bond we share together is so strong,

So I know for sure that I'm not wrong.

My love's eyes sparkle so bright,

They look like stars in a moonlit night.

Her right eye burns with a passionate flame,

Her left eye joins and does the same.

But if I were to sit with her and listen,

It would shine more than any diamond can glisten.

For beyond her beauty is a heart so true,

If her heart were light it would permanently blind you.

My love, my love, forever you shall be,

Together… you and I for eternity.