The pain inside me.

Essay by penola_digitHigh School, 12th grade July 2004

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The pain inside me grows and manifests. It is here to stay, as if frozen in time. the burning, the agony, constantly growing, aching, stinging, like nothing I've ever felt before. The wourld around me fades in and out. Colours, so vibrant, so vivid, exagerated by my pain, darken to black. The dark holds no distractions to focus on, only the immense torture my body is subjected to. Colours return as bright as before immeadiately wash out into brilliant white light. Not healing, burning. No escape the world comes back. Colour. Worried faces surround me, so close, I cannot breath. The pain becomes concentrated and confined to my chest. Growing so intense, my limbs are relieved, the pain has left them. My chest screams. Oxygen evacuates my lungs never to return. All sound is dimmed, colour begins to fade, movement slows down. All is false the only thing that remains in the pain in my chest, so intense and growing.

Concentrated I no longer exist except the pain growing still. It is unbearable. Stop!