The Parrallels of Chocolat and Somethings That Stay.

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In the movie Chocolat directed by Lasse Hallstrom and the book Some Things That Stay, by Sarah Willis there are very many common problems and resolutions. The two carry many of the same conflicts with people, nature and many others. To say that one movie or book is like another only leads to saying that they also are very different. This will show you the similarities and the dissimilarities of the two powerful forms of expression. Chocolat and Some Things that Stay parallel throughout each other.

In the book by Sarah Willis it was about a personal changes. The family moved around a lot and the oldest a 15 year old girl was trying to find who was while her mom was in the hospital with tuberculosis and left to look after her two younger siblings while her dad painted. In the Chocolat the mother and young daughter moved around together but they were more about changing others, or did so without meaning to.

The chocolate store that they would open in new places would spark something inside bringing out new sides of people. In this small town in 1959 France, the town is not about eating chocolate or enjoying much of anything other than religion.

When this mother daughter team comes in with their shop it beings to turn the town upside-down. This is one example of how they differ. Another example is the need to move, Tamara's family moved around because Tamara's dad was a painter and moved around to find a new landscape to paint and sell. Vianne and Anouk moved around because of the need to when the wind blew like her mother did. The father is not present or a part in the movie, Anouk is still young and takes care of herself, and...