Poem: Keep

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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I watch you walk slowly across the floor,

in my mind I open the door,

you have the freedom to move through out my soul,

your eyes burn through me, a hole,

Your eyes alight with fire,

you alight the beast within me ever higher,

in your arms there is no pain in me,

you've opened my eyes so that I may start to see, me,

On my neck one sharp nick,

burning me deep with every bite, kiss, and lick,

on my pale white neck, love trickles down,

in your veins my soul will drown,

Lay your eyes upon my face,

by your side that will always be my place,

I beg to serve, your wish is my law,

in that my soul in your eyes that I saw,

I'll grant your every wish my red haired girl,

as I run my fingers through every curl,

hold me like there's no tomorrow,

comfort me and wash away my bloody sorrow,

You keep me warm on a cold night,

when you hold me close I know my feelings are right,

our souls entwine as one,

my love for you burns for you like rays from the sun.