Two Poems and explanation of literary elements.

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She said I'll throw myself away

they're just pictures after all

I can't...hang this on a wall

I can't...keep this up forever

Outside the frame

This is what we're leaving out

Metaphor - Comparing herself to pictures.

Metaphor - Comparing the relationship to pictures, staying the same forever.

End rhyme - "All" and "wall"

Alliteration - "What" and "we're"

Repetition - "I can't" is repeated twice

I used the two metaphors because I thought they were relevant to the situation in the poem. The end rhyme and the repetition helps with the flow of the poem. The alliteration smooths the last line out.


I have desires of sometimes being again

A little child

And in the hour that I am afflicted

I would wish of my mother

To embrace me, embrace me like she did

When I was still

A little child

I want to return to my old bedroom

And have you tell me a pretty story

So that I may fall asleep

When I was still

A little child

With a kiss on the cheek

I was comforted

Now I've grown

The distance between us has grown

And it may weigh more

And I'm sorry

But I know that I

Always and forever shall be

Your little child

Repetition- "Little child" is repeated many times

Repetition- "Embrace me" is repeated twice

Symbolism- The distance between person and parent grows

Symbolism- The distance between person and parent is heavier

Personification- Distance grows

I used repetition to highlight what I thought was important in the poem.

Symbolism is used to reflect the situation between the person and parent. Personification was used to help establish symbolism.