Poem: The thought of you

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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Can you see me, are you near me,

I'm crying out for life,

But me tears are all you can see,

Somedays I dream of a perfect place,

That place is in your arms,

It makes me Laugh, It puts a smile on my face,

And once on a certain day,

I watch the walls of my Castle,

Crumble away,

Everyday I think of you,

the Sweet sound of a chime,

Reminds me of you,

Every sweet and glorious time,

A shadow's Wisper calling me,

To a forbiden Forest by the shore,

In the moonlight, your face is all I see,

I stand there,

On Breath away from beauties light,

I'd pay any price to live in the breeze,

That way I could see you every night,

I'm on my Knees,

Hoping the moment is right,

the thought of you

brightens my day

My love is true,

and I know it will never go away