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William Butler Yeats once said "Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking." This quote sums up the mission and intent of a powerful, successful campaign strategy. A good PR campaign strategy can pave the way for all future successes in a corporation. This paper will define the objectives set out by Riordan Manufacturing Inc., define who the publics are, provide a sample press release, develop a crisis plan, develop a tactical plan for the introduction of the new product line and identify potential benefits and risks.

The main aim of the PR campaign is the promotion of Riordan Manufacturing's introductory tracking device. As an industry leader, Riordan Manufacturing is known for their extreme precision and enthusiastic quality control. The second, but equally important objective was to ensure those Riordan Manufacturing publics, the public, the media and the stockholders, are completely happy with any public relations activities and press coverage obtained.

These goals are directly in line with Riordan manufacturing, Inc's overall business objectives; to seek new commissions for top quality products and services.

While these are broader goals, Riordan Manufacturing realize the importance of setting measurable, quantifiable goals for the company as well. So in order to expand on the above mentioned goals Riordan Manufacturing would utilize numbers in order to measure the success of our campaign. Our first measurable objective will be to increase awareness of our new security tracking device within the next six months among parents of young children in the top 10 ADIs (areas of dominant influence), between the ages of 18 and 45, with household incomes of $35,000 and up. Even though the company has continued to experience success in market areas in which it had dominated in the past, recent negative publicity left financial analysts...