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PR Campaign Strategy for Riordan Manufacturing

With the use of public relations tools, Riordan Manufacturing has created the following tactical plan to address the closing of the Pontiac site:

Event Planning

Riordan realizes that the closing of this facility will have a lasting impact on our employees, their families, and communities. Therefore, several communications events have been scheduled to inform and address all of those affected by this decision.

* Announcement Meeting - All employees at the Pontiac site will be required to attend a 3:00 p.m. meeting where they will be told that the plant will be closing in 60 days. Founder, President, and CEO Michael Riordan will make this announcement and explain why this decision was made. Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley will explain the financial demographics used to make this painful and difficult decision. Layoff information packages will be distributed at this time. Representatives from human resources and the Michigan Department of Labor Rapid Response Unit will also be on site to explain the services available to employees during this transition.

* Employee Information Meetings - After the initiation shock, Riordan plans to hold several meetings to allow for open-communication and information to be exchanged between the company and its employees. Employees will be offered severance packages, as well as retraining and relocation opportunities.

* Training and Counseling Meetings - Human Resources and Rapid Response will assist employees by supplying career counseling, job search assistance, resume preparation assistance, interviewing skills workshops, unemployment insurance, information about education/training opportunities and more. Financial planning and stress management workshops will also be available. Riordan also plans on working with area employers, educators, and community leaders to create career fairs and retraining programs for displaced workers

* Farewell Dinner - A black-tie dinner will be held to thank all stakeholders for their...