Problem Formation and Identification paper

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In today's organization decision-making is essential and is part of the daily operation business. Decisions must be make if an organization wants to remain competitive, to serve its community and to protect its stakeholders. To do this, the decision makers must have the right policies and procedures in place through critical thinking and the exchange of ideas back and forth throughout the organization and within the community it serves. To achieve this goal is not easy since all organizations have leaders who are human and come into leadership with enculturation based on their cognitive thoughts and ideas. This paper gives an insight into 5 different organizations, their leadership styles and how these styles affect the individual companies.

At Cooper University Hospital a policy has been established for all corporate "system acquisition". The policy states "to ensure that information systems, which are acquired or developed, has a defined purpose, meet the business needs of the Cooper Health System, and provide a return on investment", (Cooper Hospital, 2005).

This decision tool is an outline that identifies all the steps required to consider, pre-select, evaluate and make a final product selection decision for all new information systems. The outline includes a comprehensive description of the pre-selection process, which requires a definition of the current process to be replaced, the business function the process performs, goals and objectives of the new system and all its detailed functional requirements.

The prerequisite of considering any e-business solution is to have an executive sponsor. This person must be a member of executive management and will act as the sponsoring executive throughout the process, overseeing the project.

The pre-selection process is an excellent guideline to assist in framing the problem or identifying the business need since it gives detailed items to be considered during that process. The guidelines...