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" Psychology Take Home Midterm "

A. The null hypothesis for this experiment is whether the subjects fall asleep while using Melatonin faster than they usually would without the treatment.

B. The research hypothesis for this experiment is whether or not Melatonin helps people fall Asleep more easily.

C. Alpha: alpha is the extent to which we are willing to accept that our results are due to Error. In each experiment, extraneous variables always have an effect on the outcome. To increase probability is due to the independent variable rather than the extraneous variables, experimenters use alpha in their process of deciding whether to reject or retain the null hypothesis. I would set the Alpha in this experiment at (.05).

D. Independent Variable: the variable whose effects are being studied and the experimenter change or manipulate. The "Independent Variable" in this experiment, is the first group will receive a mint flavored tablet that has no melatonin.

E. Dependent Variable: the variable that is expected to change when the independent variable is manipulated. The independent variable is held constant for the control group and manipulated for the experimental group. The "Dependent Variable" in this experiment, is the second group will receive a mint flavored tablet containing melatonin.

F. Extraneous Variable: outside influences, which may affect experimental results -- held constant through randomization. 1.) I will compile the results although I will not know which subjects are in each group. 2.) Subject will go to bed at the same time each night and the same food and activities as the other subjects in the study.

G. One technique I would use is that all activities are done during a time frame. Each activity would have to be done in the time given.

H. Single Blind: The experimenter knows who received...