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The "Real" World Why do people enjoy watching voyeuristic television shows? The number of viewer for The Real World has nearly tripled in the past three years. There are many other shows gaining popularity as well. Big Brother and Survivor are ideal examples of the two other television programs that have captured millions of viewers hearts. There is a shift to a "reality view" that stands very popular with people ages 8-24. This age group enjoys seeing things how they appear with no glitz or glamour. By depicting things as they are naturally, it creates a scenario in which everyday people can relate to a character on TV. Companies are finding a new savvy way to advertise through the television programs as well. Ever played close attention the little things laying around on the counter, or what the characters are wearing? Each product on these shows is not by coincidence, they are all placed very carefully so people like us can marvel at how cool these products look on them.

Growing technology, new strategies in depicting "reality", and well-educated marketers have all contributed to the increase in popularity for shows such as The Real World, Survivor, and Big Brother.

Technology is taking us places we never thought possible. Every day a new, smaller gadget replaces previously large one. Cameras are products that show how advancing technology can turn a once huge product, into something the size of a ballpoint pen. As cameras grew smaller and smaller, it became easier to monitor events by hiding them in shirt pockets, book shelves, or hats. Once thought for a military-only use, cameras have now invaded the everyday lives of the characters on The Real World.

The Real World began in the early 90's and struggled initially to gain popularity. It...