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"Regret" by Kate Chopin

Reader Response

Directions: Please type your responses to the following questions and prompts. You may use this file as a template, if you like. Except for items 1 and 6, your responses can be informal (not necessarily complete sentences, more like notes). Note, this assignment is collectible :-)


Compose a complete sentence (that includes the title and author) that states the author's meaning or purpose.

In "Regret," Kate Chopin conveys the message that when it is all too late, regret comes in the end by using Mamzelle Aurélie's regret.

Briefly describe the protagonist/main character in the story (Mamzelle Aurélie).

The main character is Mamzelle Aurelle who is still single at the age of 50. She has never been married. Indeed, she has never been in love. She is alone except her dog, Ponto.

Describe Mamzelle Aurelie's state of mind in each of the three stages: before, during, and after the presence of the children.

Before: she is not interested in marriage and a baby.

During: she hates to take care of the children.

After: she realizes the preciousness of the children and becomes attached to the children.

Find evidence (quotations) in the text for each of the following:

Mamzelle Aurélie's masculine qualities: She has "a good strong figure, ruddy cheeks" and "a determined eye". She wears "a man's hat", a "blue army overcoat", and even sometimes "top-boots".

Mamzelle Aurélie's feminine qualities : unearth[ing] white aprons that she had not worn in years" and getting "down her sewing-basket, which she seldom used".

Mamzelle Aurélie's maternal qualities: like a man, with sobs that seemed to tear her very soul

Describe each of the "chillun" in a word or two.: I think "chillum" means a children

Translate the following dialect into clear, "proper" English:...