The Role of HR in Corporate Success: A Literature Review

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Often when someone thinks of their human resource department it is assumed that HR is there is simply to process paperwork and do the things that supervisors and other management don't want to be bothered with. Though, as the authors in this review emphasize, the HR department actually plays a very active role in structuring an organization and leading it on to success. They contend that human resource management is becoming a critical point of interest for researchers as organizations look to build employee trust and create an efficient and successful corporate environment. Different researchers have emphasized the critical importance of HR as well as encouraging HR to evaluate and improve their methods and structure. The central issue being addressed is how crucial HR is in corporate success, and how it can also be improved.

In his article "The Effects of Human Resource Practices on Firm Growth," Ilias P. Vlachos provides research on the subject of the effects of the practices that human resource management establishes.

He identifies the attributes of organizational culture and human resource practices required for successful on organizational performance, and analyses the implications of culture types for inter-organizational combinations (18). These findings are used to create solid ground for his arguments that HR management is the starting point for a solid organizational structure. Vlachos cites the importance of having all the necessary information when dealing with employee turnover during a merger or acquisition, and also the importance of giving special attention to management style and organizational integration in successfully managing mergers and acquisitions (20). His intention is to educate not only those interested in what HR does, but the human resource managers in particular on how crucial it is for an organization to create a solid foundation and clear HR policies.

Vlachos also stresses how human...