'Self-Appraisal': a poem by Raghav Kaushik

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My mind may be gripped by the dark shadow of Fear,

And I may be reminded that Doom has no peer.

But I will be brave; I have Courage.

The deadened clock may immobilise me,

And anger me may the electrifying inactivity.

But I will wait; I have Patience.

I may be led astray by ignorant fools,

And led to follow the masses like fish in their schools.

But I will think; I have Wisdom.

Chaos' vociferous ultrasound may deafen me piercingly,

And Pandemonium may reign on me.

But I will preserve tranquility; I have Peace.

The wicked ways of Guile may test my self-control,

And the disease may plague my soul.

But I will prove my restraint; I have Temperance.

The only eye of Irrationality may my brain cloud,

And fallacious Logic's voice may be very loud.

But I will cogitate; I have Reason.

Lies may spread around the world like cancer,

And they may try to stop me from finding Life's answer.

But I will be candid; I have Truth.

Monotony's blunt knife may punish me excruciatingly,

And Ennui may inject its syringe into me slowly.

But I will be different; I have Life.

Only my empty corpse may be taken by Lucifer's daughter,

And not my soul- she may only be a scavenger.

I will boast; I have God.