Short story - honeymoon couple, plane, hijacking, suicide

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If you are listening to this it is because I meant for you to. If you are listening to this it is because I am dead. My name is Zach. That's all you need to know. My wife Aubrey and I are passengers on this plane. We were wed yesterday and were just heading to the British Virgin Island of Tortolla for our week-long honeymoon. About half way there I took over the plane, and here I am now recording my story into this orange box that they actually call a black box. Prime example right there of how backwards our society is. If it's a bright orange box why would it be called a black box?

Anyways, at the present moment I have the entire cabin of the plane, including the flight attendants and pilots locked out of the cockpit. My wife is out there with the others.

The pilot gave me a few bits of advice about how to handle the plane and what will happen before it propels nose first into the ground and we all die. My plan is to cruise this plane as far as it has enough fuel to go, and then sit tight while its engines burn out and we all crash and die.

I will sit here calmly and tell you my story so when you are clearing away the wreckage trying to determine what happened you will find this and the whole scenario will become crystal clear to you and the rest of the world who will hear about it. For once the world will finally hear about my plight. Isn't it tragic that the only way to get a message across to people is to take hostage of 200 people and force them to die with me?

It was...