What is so wrong with weeds? I am a weed and wouldn't have it any other way.

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What is so wrong with weeds?

Our culture spends incredible amounts of time and money trying to avoid, trying to hunt down and kill, or otherwise rid us of weeds. By definition a weed is simply a plant that is not valued where it is growing. The people who like and encourage weeds to grow freely are few and far between. I, myself, am one of those people because I can't seem to get anything else to grow very nicely. My planter box is full of beautiful, lush, green weeds. They are thorny, rebellious, adaptive, and very easy to grow and maintain. Weeds tend to grow stronger and faster than any plant that people want to grow, what's so bad with letting them grow?

Weeds stand out the most in highly cultivated land, the stark contrast between what is desired and not, becoming very evident. The other plants in the planter box don't know what to do when a weed starts to sprout up from the ground, neither do the people who tend those plants.

Just because a weed is different, hard to deal with, and changes the look or attitude of the garden it is torn from the ground, deep to the root, and tossed away with the rubbish. The only weeds that can be seen growing freely are the ones that have been 'cultured' or genetically altered taking advantage of its hardy nature but conforming it, or on abandoned property and other land that is not valued. When is their day to be free?

But weeds are strong, no matter how many are pulled more always find their way to the surface. They are relentless in their pursuit for a ray of sun to shine down on their long stem and the...