Super Granny(AKA Cameron Woodard) By: Cameron Woodard

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Super Granny

(A.K.A. Cameron Woodard)

"Stop, evil super villain!" Super Granny shouted forcefully.

"Never," exclaimed Speedy. "I WILL reveal your true identity!!"

It was a battle of super hero and super villain. Cameron Woodard simply could not stand the thought of everyone at Rockland District High School knowing he was the one and only Super Granny. If his school peers realized this, his secret life would be exposed and his cover as a weird looking geek would be ruined. It was his duties to stay in school, set an example, and on the side fight evil super villains like Speedy.

Speedy, as a student, was always picked on. He was big, slow, and not that bright He was only a minor niner but he decided it was time to fight back.

Super Granny was winning the invisible battle so Speedy decided it was time to take off.

He flew away.

Very gradually, Super Granny chased him all through the school but nobody could see them because they were invisible.

Speedy decided to become un-invisible and blend in with the other students. Super Granny lost him and he started walking down a flight of stairs, very leisurely. Two grade tens (Mike and Alex) were behind him getting frustrated with his slowness. Because he was so wide, they couldn't pass him and were forced to wait 10 minutes.

Finally, they got to the bottom. Mike and Alex rushed past him and were now late for class. As they passed Mike yelled "Took ya long enough!!" and poor Speedy walked away miserably.

Mike and Alex decided to skip class because they were already 30 minutes late.

Super Granny's senses picked up on the fact they were skipping. He turned invisible and went to look for them. He heard a faint moan. Must...