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Surfing is a sport in which the site plays a huge role. It isn't like football, in which a field is just like any other field. The weather, height of wave, length of intervals in between waves, and clean lines all make up how good or bad a wave is. In competition, no two waves are the same, so the site and conditions are important to a surfer. I am a surfer, and I have experienced this myself, as well as observed others to would agree. There is plenty of controversy about which site is better, California or Florida. The reason there is controversy is because those who are avid surfers are very loyal to the location they have chosen to surf. It is known that surfers are very territorial; they are protective of who joins them on a wave. There is a lot of personal opinion that plays a part in the controversy.

After looking at six different criteria: the wave quality; the length of season; the available competition; the opportunity for surfers; expenses; and temperature of the waterÑI condluded that California is a better surfing site.

Hawaii is the ideal surfing location. It is a model to compare California and Florida's surfing to. Hawaii possesses the best surfing spot in the world, which is the North Shore-Oahu. Oahu is the most famous surfing stretch in the world due to its awesome wave quality. According to Rawson Glover, a pro surfer, the average wave is fifteen feet measured the Hawaiian way, which is from the back of the wave. They would be even bigger than that if measured by U.S. standards, which is at the highest point of the wave. Wia Maya Bay is the best surf anywhere. The pipeline is the best in the wold because of its...