Video Game Violence

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Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll.

Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the lead contributors to Nintendo industries, which is one of major video game producer. In this quote Shigeru makes a valid point that just because video games have a negative connotation and like rock and roll there was and still isn't valid, nonbiased, long term proof of any negative effects of video games. This is a major flaw in the research about the effects of video games on people and is also stated in the articles that take a negative outlook on my topic. Video games and VR (virtual reality) simulators are being overlooked as a major contributor in teaching. In continuation, video games have many beneficial aspects that when focused on can act as a huge contributor in a wide array of fields. On another note, video games being a growing and expanding market and the range of ages playing video games the facilitative features of the games has been more focused on and implemented in video games.

Therefore, video games and VR simulators can be used as an educational tool can be used to teach a diverse range of students, can offer knowledge about complex topics and skills, and can even improve hand eye coordination as well as improving compression levels.

According to Sarah Glazer, writer for CQ researcher, in her article "Video Games" states that when used in a class setting video games can and could be used to teach complex concepts and make those concepts easy to comprehend. This is also apparent in, "A Gaming Frame Of Mind: Digital Contexts and Academic Implications" written by Sandra Abram. In this article she looked at 4 separate cases of how video games are introducing and expanding knowledge...