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Drama Essay on the Voice Is the voice vital to good acting? I would have to say that "yes" it is very vital to good acting and throughout the essay I will explain why it is vital and how you can use it in the world of acting, and how to train and improve it. Nearly every type of acting you do, you have to use your voice. The only type of acting that you don't have to use your voice in is miming, and seriously you would have to be a pretty good mimer to make miming interesting.

The voice is used in every second of every day. Different tones, sounds, pitches and even words. For an actor/actress to be able to give a terrific performance they would have to take on their character not only by using their body language and facial expressions, but their voice as well.

The voice is one of the most major parts because the story starts as soon as the person speaks. The voice not only tells you if the old, young, male or female, but also what type of character they are. The voice is a very powerful thing it can move people, break people and even scare people.

You can use the voice in various different ways when acting. You can use different tones and pitches to make a simple word like love turn into a fiery passionate love or a sweet gentle love. We did an example of this in class where we had to say "I love you" in different ways. I said I love you in a sweet sensitive way, doing this by using an affectionate tone. By adding that extra bit of emphasis to the word it has mad the way I said it more interesting and entertaining to listen to. If you are reading you can use pauses while you are reading at the appropriate times to give it a better effect.

There are three areas that a performer needs to take in mind and develop when working with the voice. These three areas are articulation, projection and delivery. In big time productions like Fame and Cats they have to be able to give delivery of the voice with projection and articulation to be able to be heard clearly in the back of the theatre with out shouting. To project your voice, your voice needs a lot of air to create a full sound and to carry a sound for a long period of time. So you need to be able to breathe deeply, especially if you need to deliver long sentences and not run out of breath. We played a game where you had to take a deep breathe in and blow a cotton ball along the floor until you couldn't blow any more. This activity helped to control the vocal cords and breathe control. This activity helps with your projection of the voice. Articulation is a major part in using your voice in drama you need to be able to use your mouth, tongue and lips to create and shape sounds. An exercise to help you with articulation is the good old tongue twisters. This exercise focuses on articulation. A famous tongue twister is "˜Sally sells sea shells buy the sea shore' even today I still make mistakes when trying to say it. This helps train your facial muscles and helps you with pronouncing words using articulation. Some exercise to the shaping of sound and articulation are to stand in front of a mirror, and to open your mouth as wide as you can and then to close it as mall as you can. Stick out your tongue move it around and try to touch your nose. All of these exercises help to strengthen your muscles because if your muscles are not strengthened, your ability to articulate is hampered because sounds become muffled and unclear. To improve your voice you need to train it. By using the exercises that are given you can improve and train your voice and breathing techniques.

I In this essay I have showed just how important the voice is to have and to use in the world of acting. It isn't easy work using your voice as some people think. It takes practise and hard work just like every else in achieving, in this case the best vocal techniques. Once again I will say "yes" the voice is vital