A Walk To Remember

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A Walk To Remember, 240 pages, Nicholas Sparks, 1999 God can work in many ways that people don't understand. The fictional writing of the book, A Walk To Remember, is an insight into the life and the meaning of love. The book has made up events and characters but there are similarities to someone's life that the author might have been connected to.

Such a book like this one really targets a particular group of people. I believe that this book is directed and addressed to high school students. I am not saying that someone of another age would not enjoy this book. The writing, and expressing of how Landon went through his high school years judging and critizing Jamie, shows that when he felt the connection between them, it was true. This book shows the true meaning of loving someone with all of your heart. Today many teenagers tell one another, be it a boyfriend or girlfriend, that they love one another.

How do they really know if they love each other? Do they, or are they just wanting to feel older and fit in? The illustration of how Landon feels for Jamie shows how you feel about someone when you truly love him or her. Another example of how it is directed towards high school students is that it shows the meaning of true beauty. Beauty is only skin deep. Yes, Landon did not think that Jamie was the prettiest girl at first, but when he got to know her, and see how beautiful she was on the inside, she became a true "angel"� to him. What I am trying to say is that even though high school students usually look first for the prettiest girlfriend or the most handsome boyfriend to go out with,