Wayson Choy's "The Jade Peony".

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Wayson Choy's "The Jade Peony" can definitely be accepted as a delightful experience for a reader who expected a non-fiction story, but instead read and learned so much of something that indubitably resembles reality and history! Examining the theme of discrimination, the moral settings, as well as the characters of this wonderful book, will hopefully illuminate the hearts of all Canadians and make them realize that the citizens whom they once considered as "alien residents" were in fact humans, who possessed feelings. It should encourage all to learn from mistakes made in history, as well as, inspire everyone to bring a change and not repeat the same oversights.

It is definite, that hatred discrimination, and racism are facts that have a long past. We have all read about them in History books, and documents. However, it is truly so much more effective when we learn of it from the perspective of individuals who actually felt and went through it.

In his novel, Wayson Choy is beautifully able to alert and waken his readers to the fact that, the acts of prejudice we show towards people beyond doubt have consequences. Those consequences could not only lead to more hate, but also result into breaking of hearts, Choy gets us to look at how the terrible internment of the innocent Japanese; a discrimination approved by law, affected individuals, as in the case of Meying and Kazeo. We realize the hurtfulness, and sting that prejudice has caused for so many of the Chinese through out the book, how it added only more anxiety over the already tensed shoulders of the immigrants. Reading all this, may even bring back one's own experiences of racism, as in the case of me. Examining the theme of racism in the novel, makes us as Canadian's...