The White Stag by Kate Seredy

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The White Stag By Kate Seredy

1. The main Characters are Hunor, Magyar, and Bendeguz.

Hunor and Magyar are the "Twin Eagles of Hadur" Hunor is the more bloodthirsty and violent one of the two "eagles." Magyar is the more calm and humble one of the twins however they both partake in war. Bendeguz is "The Great Eagle of the moon" and the son of Hunor. Bendeguz is a very energetic young boy but he is a great warrior.

2. The setting mostly in Ancient Hungary. The proof is that they don't have cars or electricity. Another rather large shred of evidence is that it says that they are from Hungary and it also mentions the Magyar which are primarily from Hungaria.

3. In the story a lot of things happened in the story but my favorite was when Attila came to the tribes and turned them into the Huns

A. The problem is that the Magyars and the Huns are brother tribes that have to separate to continue living because they can't stand

each others life style. The Huns wanting to fight and the Magyars

B. What helped was bendeguz, when he took over both tribes he turned them back into one great one.

4. To solve the problem all the characters had to forget their differences.

5. In the end the great god Attila came to the Huns and Magyars and became the Great Red Eagle of the Moon, Attila the Hun.

6. I loved the story I couldn't stop reading it, it was so interesting and entertaining it didn't bore me with facts and dates either I would suggest it to anyone who can read