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The Art of Persuasive Speaking

message you are trying to get across to someone.When speaking to someone you must first gain their attention. Let's face it, it's no use trying to tell a baseball fan anything if he's watching televi ... be interpreted properly or won't be interpreted at all. The volume at which you talk can be a great attention getter, if you use it right. If you walk to the front of a class and quietly ask for some ...

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A spech on the harmful effects of ecstasy. It includes every part of the speech and it is in outline form. This speech convinces the audience to not take this drug.

I. Introduction:A. Attention-getter: I would like everyone in this classroom to think to themselves how many people the ...

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A persuasive speech against underage drinking.

I. Introduction:A. Attention Getter: By a show of hands, how many people in this classroom are under the age of 21? As ...

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Michael J Fox.

Attention getter: He was considered one of The 25 Most intriguing people of the Year in 1998 by Peop ...

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Outline of capital punishment.

of the cruelty of death and that imprisonment alone should be a great enough punishment.1. The main attention getter is an imagination that I am going to create for the audience so they can imagine th ...

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Speech on the rain forest.

Attention Getter: The rainforest is one of the Earth's most valuable natural resources. At the curre ...

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The Grand Canyon

INTRODUCTIONAttention GetterHow many of you have heard of the Grand Canyon?How many of you have gone to the Gran ...

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How to Change a Baby's Diaper

INTRODUCCIONATTENTION GETTERHow many people have had kids or taken care of babies before?How many people actuall ...

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Title: Why I chose to give, a speech formatted in APA style.

Why I Chose To Give(Attention Getter) I am daily confronted--sometimes it feels like I'm hounded--with requests from beg ...

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Persuasive Outline Speech

se: To persuade listeners that the American Educational System needs to be improved.INTRODUCTIONI. (Attention getter) (Step 1)The United States is fallowing behind in its educational system. Even Thir ...

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Book Talk: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

for kindergarten and first grade students. This book can be incorporated into science lessons as an attention getter and an introduction to different science units. Some units this book can be used in ...

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IntroductionTHESIS: Don't do roids!ATTENTION-GETTER: Did you ever read a Muscle and Fitness or Body Building magazine? Well I read them ...

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The rise of aggressive driving speech

gSpecific Purpose: To persuade the audience that aggressive driving should be avoided.IntroductionI.Attention Getter: Speeding, tailgating, giving the finger and outright violence. Each day Americans ...

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execution itself. The five important functions to look for in an ideal introduction are simply the attention getter, the subject presentation, reasons for an audience to listen, credibility establish ... n ideas.Through the use of ten different approaches, a speaker can effectively grasp the audience's attention. Interesting facts or even my favorite, humor, are examples of dissimilar techniques that ...

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Introduction: Attention-getter: A story of a person who was an alcoholic. Reason to listen: a) Alcoholism i ... rom alcoholism. b) I became interested because the person described in the attention-getter is my Uncle. Specific purpose: To provide ... help them seek treatment from this disease.Author: Patrick Boodram Introduction: Attention-getter: Ten years ago, a little boy's uncle came to the U.S. to live. The uncle name ...

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Usama Bin Laden Outline

ng the brains and funding for numerous terrorist attacks on people around the world.Introduction I. Attention getter- I will get my audiences attention informing them of the numbers of deaths Bin Lade ...

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Resume Cover Letter

that Sprint is the better or the three.Thesis: Which service provider is the better to choose from.Attention-getter: How many people have a cell phone? Voicestream? AT&T? Sprint? Well how many pe ...

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Sexual Appeals In Advertising: How it effects us, how its used

ed to North America but is prevalent all over the world.Sexual material in advertising gets instant attention from the consumer, while also retaining what they have seen in their long term memory. The ... rm memory. These advertisements often feature attractive models in provocative poses it is a strong attention-getter. The sexual content or symbolism in advertisements will enhance recall if it is app ...

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f the show to the next that makes the audience members crave for the next emotion. It is a definite attention getter and everything including in the show, such as props and the performers themselves, ...

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Homosexual marriages

egal.Thesis Statement: Homosexual marriages should not be legalized.Introduction I. Attention Getter: According to an article from Carolina News Services, a new national poll, says mor ...

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