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Go Ask Alice

Have you ever had a problem? I'm sure you have because everybodysometime in there life does. The book I read Go Ask Alice by an anonymousauthor is all about problems, conflicts, and how to deal wit ... the author is anonymous so I can not do so. From the very first page I had a hunch that this book was about a drugaddiction problem. 'SUGAR & SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE; ACID &SMACK &a ...

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"A Southern Yarn" by R. W. Richards

Book ReviewThe book I read was titled A Southern Yarn. It is an interesting story about what might h ... and takes the glory for doing something right. Several other minor characters are mentioned in this book, most of whom are members of the Stonewall Brigade mentioned earlier.The author appears to have ... igade mentioned earlier.The author appears to have researched the Civil War extensively because the book seems to follow the war closely. It has good descriptions of battles, places, and the general t ...

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Report on "Return With Honor", By Captain Scott O'Grady

The book I read is an autobiography, Return With Honor, By Captain Scott O'Grady withJeff Coplan. Jeff C ... ility to restorehope in other troops who were fighting in Bosnia at the time.I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks that can't over come smallobstacles in life. This book shows that anyone c ...

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This paper discuss how important having an education is. It discusses how formal education guarantes power among society.

he or she really cannot be effective in today's society, because nothing is free in this world.In a book I read, " Leadership, Authority, and Power sharing", by Henry Clay Lindgren, there was little s ... ollege degrees, and PhD's. You can't have legal power unless you have some form of education.In the book "Dimensions of Freedom", by Felix E. Oppenheim, it was said that acts of power are not necessar ...

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This a book report on the Ghost of Tsavo and discusses how there is possible two types of lions in Africa

The book I read, was Ghosts of Tsavo. The book is about a group of lions in Africa that are a little abn ... compared to the other lions in Africa. Philip Caputo, a sixty-year-old lion enthusiast, writes the book. The book really tells the story of about three people?s adventures with lions in Africa. The m ... learned that the lions are the same species just live differently because of their environment.This book is important because it sheds some light on a biology mystery. It tells how they determined tha ...

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Enchantress from the Stars, by Sylvia Louise Engdahl

I.The book I read was Enchantress from the Stars, by Sylvia Louise Engdahl. She was born on November 24 19 ... d being paid for it.She then became a full time writer from 1968-1980, she wrote 8 fiction (sci-fi) books, 5 non-fiction books, and won one Newbery award for Enchantress from the Stars. She then moved ... times in our world. This happened when the Europeans conquered the Indians in the Americas. In the book the Imperialists came from a very technologically advanced planet, and the natives were similar ...

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The Role of Women in the Japanese Society "The River Ki" by Sawako Ariyoshi and "The Waiting Years" by Fumiko Enchi.

The Role of Women in the Japanese Society The first book I read for this assignment was The River Ki by Sawako Ariyoshi. This book is the one I like the ... y Sawako Ariyoshi. This book is the one I like the most thus far in our reading for this class. The book explicitly described the life of three generations of people within one family. It was really i ... and their support for their family remains constant throughout the generations. The title of this book plays a very important role. The River Ki is a river that the family lives near. Throughout the ...

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Book Report on Blood Tracks by Karen Rose Cercone.

The book I read for my report was the mystery novel by Karen Rose Cercone, Blood Tracks. The story takes ... nd Helen and who the true murder is, read Blood Tracks by Karen Rose Cercone.I would recommend this book to anyone because of its use of detail, its complexity, and familiar Pittsburgh setting. My fav ... of its use of detail, its complexity, and familiar Pittsburgh setting. My favorite things about the book were the double plot lines and the author's use of detail. In the story, the plot of Bonnie How ...

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Franz Kafka.

vity and foreboding charm. In this paper, I will examine Kafka's background, The Trial which is the book I read for the purpose of writing this essay, and past reading assignments pertaining to Kafka. ... rk and edgy, filled with amazing settings and almost unreal characters. All of this is true for his book titled The Trial. It is about Joseph K., an average man who awakens to find that he is accused ...

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"Jaime Escalante: Sensational Teacher" by Ann Byers.

he lives of his students by preparing them for an advanced placement test in calculus. I chose this book because it was a book I read when I was younger and I remember thinking that the teacher did su ... nd evaluate his methods based on what I've learned so far as a teacher and pre-service student. The book deals with the very timely issues of equity, standardized testing, funding shortages and the ch ...

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"A child called It" book report by, Jessica Salyer

The book I read was " A child called it", by Dave Pelzer.I can't even believe the pain this child went t ... father walk out of my life.The story had a great impact on me and it felt so much like I was in the book... I was David, as creepy as that may sound. This story has opened my eyes to a world far great ... oy, now a man. He has a child of his own and teaches it the love and affection he rarely knew. This book was truly unforgettable. I couldn't even put it down until it was finished. I recommend anyone ...

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Thomas Gradgrind Junior

This character is one of the negative ones in this book. He is cruel and selfish. I think that by "painting" Tom, the author, Charles Dickens, shows th ... , the result of this type of raising children. I hope you understood me.When I started reading this book I thought that it was uninteresting. Then I recalled that this happens every time. Every book I ...

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"German Boy" by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel.

The book I read was titled German Boy by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel. It was a true story of a child, Wolfgang, ... It gave you an insight into the fall of the Nazi party leading into Communist oppression. This is a book for history buffs and people who just like a heart warming story.

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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

The book I read is called "Silent Spring," written by Rachel Carson and published in 1962.The whole book ... whole book was an alarmed appeal to everybody who used insecticides and especially who used DDT.The book mostly describes how DDT is used by people and how it enters the food chain and causes cancer a ... aimed for but often kill beneficial organisms as well.After she published "Silent Spring," her 3rd book about the environment, the American government regulated the use of Aldrin and Dieldrin and sto ...

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Harriett Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Ann Lane Petry Biography

and heroic character paved the extensive road to freedom for hundreds of runaway slaves. The book I read was Harriett Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Ann Lane Petry. This story ... ght to turn back. Harriett died in 1913 in Auburn, New York. (A year after the titanic sunk).In the book, the main characters were Ben (her father), Old Rit (her mother), Harriett Tubman, and John Tub ...

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Darkness Is Rising

The book I read was titled "Dark Is Rising" and it was written by Susan Cooper. This book took place in ... vil. The Old Ones are a group of people who dedicate there lives to defeating the darkness. In this book it tells about ten signs that contain powers like an iron medallion or a chain necklace that ha ... ness back for a short period of time. To find out what happens next you would have to read the next book in the series. I think they made a smart decision to make a sequel. They made a sequel because ...

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Swiss Family Robinson. How technology has made us lazy and un self-sufficient

The SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON In the book I read, The Swiss Family Robinson, the family was ship wrecked on an island. Their boat was mad ... 30 people would go on a boat as a crew. Now boats get a crew of thousands of people. In the book I read the son's and their father carried hunting guns. Those guns were called flintlocks, mean ... e only go one hundred yards and bounce off of a piece of plywood from that distance. In this book the Robinson's picked seven feet into the mountain with pick axes until they reached a huge bea ...

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The Giver

The Giver By Lois LowryThe name of the book I read is "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. Another book she wrote is "Number the Stars". The books sh ... nly gives minor details as to what the characters look like, you can easily put a face to them. Her books are fiction, but they all seem so real. The Giver is about a 12 year old boy named Jona ... Jonas thinking about the outside world where everything is not always perfect. I chose this book because I heard from many people that it was a good read. Also, it was one of the best sellers ...

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The Andromeda Strain Michael Crichton

The book I read was The Andromeda Strain by renowned author Michael Crichton. The story takes place in t ... life issue. That issue is the sterilization procedures of returning probes from outer-space. In the book a small group of scientists are worried that organic matter from a space capsule could cause su ... and then to space and the threat would be totally gone. The world was safe!This was a really great book! I would recommend it to anybody. It really opened my eyes. I never even thought about the poss ...

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Final Friends:3

asive essay, it is in the format of a letter.*Dear Sara,Hey how are you? I want to tell you about a book I read. It's called Final Friends Book 3: The Graduation. The book is by Christopher Pike, it's ... on the ship. And in the end Michael finds out who the real murder is. But while I read this book there was one character that really had me thinking, and really thinking if I would have done w ...

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