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Writing with an Informative Aim

Distance Learning Pros Vs ConsObtaining my college degree has been an on-going struggle, as a Specia ... e and proved to be advantages in obtaining my goals. However, I have experienced disadvantages, too.Distance Learning provides a vast selection of both courses and colleges. These attributes enabled m ... ary classes to fill my 12 credit hour requirement.Time management was the primary reason I selected distance learning. The opportunity to schedule a class, obtain homework requirements, then work on m ...

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The Spread of Technology This essay is about where technology has come from and where it may be headed in the future.

upon by teachers and professors, because one person will be in charge of larger courses, though the distance learning will demand more team work and several teachers may become the head of a course, s ...

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This essay is about how the to use the new technology to get an education online; compared to the old way, the classroom education.

Online Distance EducationOUTLINEI.AbstractII.IntroductionIII.What Distance Education is?A.Historical perspe ... Small-room videoconferenceB.Classroom videoconferenceC.Desktop video conferenceVI.Face- To-Face Vs. Distance LearningA.AdvantagesB.DisadvantagesVII.World Wide Web TechnologiesA.The Internet-Definition ... s provide a number of learning options, in addition to classroom-based instruction. An example is, "Distance Education", when the instructor and student are separated by physical distance and technolo ...

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The benefits of Distance Learning

The Benefits of Distance LearningOUTLINE1. One-on-one interaction with the instructor2. Self-reliance, responsibilit ... ng basic characteristics to their learning experience which influences their success in coursework. Distance education students: Are voluntarily seeking further education.Have post-secondary education ... mployment in a field where career advances can be readily "achieved through academic upgrading in a distance education environment" (Ross & Powell, 1990).Previous completion of a college degree (B ...

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Distance Learning

Unit 5 IP 1Unit 5 IPDistance LearningSheri BeasleyBusiness PresentationsBy:Robbie L. RodgersAugust 14, 2004Unit 5 IP 2Go ... August 14, 2004Unit 5 IP 2Going The Distance"An Alliance For Action"I. Introduction1. The Growth Of Distance Learning2. Wisdom Comes With Knowledge3. ACTION4. Everything To Gain5. Taking Action Heeds ... To Gain5. Taking Action Heeds Funding6. Distance Learning- the college perspectiveII. The Growth of Distance Learning(CNN, 2003)a. Colleges report an increase of 13% in enrollmentb. Testimonies from D ...

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Redefining Distance Learning For The Future:

Redefining Distance Learning For The Future:Distance learning has an extensive history and has been utilized th ... uring the last decade has it started to really gain acceptance and popularity. Since its inception, distance learning has evolved from correspondence courses, to educational radio, one and two-way tel ... nal radio, one and two-way teleconferencing, educational television, video conferencing, and today, distance learning opportunities are most commonly found in a computer assisted/Web-based interactive ...

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Research paper on benefits of distance learning

why not attend college online and allow people to earn a degree from the comfort of their own home? Distance learning is a great alternative to the traditional school and can allow students the conven ... of learning from their own home or workplace. Many companies and universities are participating in distance learning to better serve their employees and students. Online courses offer more flexibilit ...

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Distance Learning and Technology and it's Role in Education

Many of us have read and talked about the use of distance learning in the colleges and universities of today and many of us know about how much it is ... how much it is being used. Some of us are also using the same in our day to day lives. But how does distance learning and technology fit into the whole scenario of education? Are we really moving towa ... e University (ASU) has about 6 studios (rooms) that are currently being used by the college for its distance learning program. It has about fifteen to twenty classes being offered over the internet st ...

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Technology advancement in work force education

ter-Based Training/ Computer-Based Education (CBT/CBE), Interactive Course Ware (ICW), and Advanced Distance Learning (ADL) are just some examples of how companies are currently employing technology i ... s the delivery of cost-effective training to large groups of employees, whether in-house or through distance leaning. Where instructor and curriculum inconsistencies in traditional methods of training ...

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Benefits of E-learning

Benefits of E-learningE-learning has definite benefits over traditional classroom training. While the most obvious ... uctor managing the class, but will still be lower than traditional courses.It's self-paced - Most e-learning programs can be taken when needed. The "books" that you set up using Trainersoft create a m ... oves faster - According to an article by Jennifer Salopek in "Training and Development Magazine," e-learning courses progress up to 50 percent faster than traditional courses. This is partly because t ...

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Distance Education.

One of the most exciting new trends in education is the use of distance learning. Many universities and corporations have ventured into it, and, in fact, some univ ... act, some universities are devoted exclusively to providing an entire curriculum and degree through distance learning. Although the term "distance education" is of relative recent coinage, the concept ... Although the term "distance education" is of relative recent coinage, the concept of learning at a distance is not new at all. For example, correspondence course first appeared in Germany, England, a ...

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A Need for Online Education.

boration and presentation of information, all of which have helped immensely in bringing even great distances closer together. The Internet's greatest place of impact is in the realm of distance lear ... t have the time to attend "conventional" classes Students that would normally have to travel long distances, or that have busy family or work schedules will find online classes to be ideal (Mendocin ...

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Letter Thanking my Mentor and asking for Help Again

very important presentation to the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. My objective is to obtain a loan from them to start my own distance lea ... g categories:1. Why my company is different.2. The new technologies for better ways to improve long distance learning.3. The degrees and certificates that are highly relevant in the career field today ...

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Quality Assurance In Education

Why International Quality Assurance in Distance Education? What is "quality assurance ? Why "international" ? Why Distance Education ... ofessional accreditation, recognised accreditation, independent accreditation and so on.And why for Distance Education (DE) in particular ? The defining factor of DE is that it crosses boundaries and ... er ISO standard).A web search will reveal many references if required, with an introduction for the Distance Learning world being held at: The twenty clauses of the present sta ...

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Benefits of distance learning

Distance learning is considered the latest advance in technology-based learning and it plays an incr ... why not attend college online and allow people to earn a degree from the comfort of their own home? Distance learning is a great alternative to the traditional school and can allow students the conven ... learning from their own home or workplace. The most exciting new trends in education are the use of distance learning. Many universities and corporations have ventured into it, and, in fact, some univ ...

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Effective Study Skills "Joe Student"

in high school. If this is in fact your intention; please allow me to offer you some insight.Online/Distance learning is "No Joke", Joe. I am actually taking that same course that you have registered ... . I can assure you that those old tricks from high school are not going to be sufficient enough for distance learning.You may be used to sitting in a conventional class room where you would listen to ...

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Student Survival Guide: For A Distance Learning Environment

's victory. Dedication and determination can be a students strongest attributes when all else fails.Distance learning has provided millions of people the opportunity at a second chance in higher educa ... ion. Axia College gives students the flexibility to fit college around their busy schedules. Axia's distance learning environment allows students to meet their academic requirements and reach their ed ...

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Learning From A Distance

nts no longer have to leave their homes to attend classes.Many universities have begun to use these distance-learning techniques to assist students who may have some trouble in attending classes on ca ... es, to group events, to merchandise with university logos to sporting event tickets. To standardize Distance or online learning would be practically synonymous to the ending of college campuses, as we ...

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Post Grad Course Evaluations

ieved Comment: 4. Subject was well structured Comment: 5. Subject activities were used to reinforce learning Comment: 6. Subject was well planned and administered Comment: 7. Guest Presenters were kno ...

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Functions of Public Relations

decent job without a college education. More and more students are returning to college each year. Distance learning enables many adults to earn their degree from home via the internet. Today there a ... rn your college degree from the comfort of your living room.University of Phoenix is the pioneer in distance learning. In 1989 the University of Phoenix was the first school to hold classes online. To ...

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