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Abnormalities in the cardiac cycle.

The heart is evolutionary masterpiece. Yet like everything else in nature, it is not perfect and problem ... . However before its flaws can be mentioned and analysed. It would be prudent to understand how the heart functions in the first place before going in depth into the various problems that might arise ... tion and disorders of impulse generation.The various and detailed events that take place with every heart beat is referred to as the "cardiac cycle". The top chambers of the heart are called the atria ...

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Practical report on the disection of a sheep heart.

Heart Dissection Practical Report.IntroductionOn the of July 2002, a sheep's heart was examined by d ... n Practical Report.IntroductionOn the of July 2002, a sheep's heart was examined by dissection. The heart is a muscle in all mammalian bodies that is used to pump blood and nutrients throughout the bo ... scle in all mammalian bodies that is used to pump blood and nutrients throughout the body.A sheep's heart was used in this prac because like the human heart it has four chambers and is similar in size ...

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Evolution is a theory that is widely accepted throughout science.

ure with delicate movements and unpredictable intelligence which fades away with the ceasing of the heart beat. The ancient methods for the conservation of those traits can be seen in written texts an ...

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How distructive could a human ignorance be?

street. Not being able to see clearly what was happening out side I ran out of the room feeling my heart beat suddenly quickening rapidly and wiping my now very sweaty and wet palms down the side of ... apartments were evacuated and moved to a safer area. Seeing the terror and pain on their faces was heart wrenching, most of them cried and held on to each member of their family's probably silently p ...

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Is it worth being a football fan?

of will, strength, and speed between the two teams. Every time you watch such a game, you feel your heart beat together with the throb of the match. When you see a spectacular display of skill, you fe ...

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Daphnia Bioassay

anThe initial variable to be considered will be the effect that caffeine and temperature has on the heart beat and if it has a direct or indirect effect on the daphnia's lifespan. If there is enough t ... considered and answered and only then can acurate conclusion be drawn.· How variable is the heart rate in an individual Daphnia?· How does the drug caffeine affect the daphnia's heart b ...

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Why call it choice?

it's killin'.Why... call them fetal, when they're little tiny people.They've got fingers, toes, and heartbeats.....seen their picture, had you heard the heart beat?Ever seen a baby? So innocent, so be ...

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of thousands lay in wait for tomorrow?I lost count a life time backOf sunrises and full moonsLost a heart beat with every fear they feltBleed with every wound afflicted on themI would have gave them m ... licted on themI would have gave them my tears to washThe dirt and misery off their faceAnd allow my heart break in their placeIf my voice were sent to himMy very lips would utter in plainI could feel ...

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Bleeding Tears

e or just filling me with liesWhy do you have to play with my feelingsYou broke me apart and now my heart diesYou made my eyes bleed tearsMade my heart beat stopYou made my fears all be shownSo let me ... e my heart beat stopYou made my fears all be shownSo let me sit hear in the darkAnd leave me and me heart alonei wrote this poem three years ago when my fiance left me fora women 14 years older than h ...

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Creative writing "Tension of the Eye", descriptive essay

re. As we walked up the wooden steps toward the semi - big wooden house on the edge of the hill, my heart beat at a pace of an ant on a hot plate. I took a deep breath in the effort of allowing myself ...

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Looking at men

hen reading what I had written indiary during the high school years about a guy that had stirred my heart; the innocenceand the simplistic perception of love of an adolescent girl made me laugh. Now, ... ow, over tenyears away from the high school, I can still call back the upset feeling that skipped myheart beat for the very first time I met this "very cool" guy; it was also the very first timeI felt ...

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and, Odysseus saw this as a challenge to be overcome by tricking the huge creature, Polyphemus. "My heart beat high now at the chance of action,/ and drawing the sharp sword from my hip I went/ along ... that Penelope had been true to him. "O my dear lady.../... Do not enforce me to recall my pain./ My heart is sore; but I must not be found/ sitting in tears here, in anothers house:/ It is not forever ...

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A Heart Behind Bars As his adrenaline pumps through his body, his heart beat beings to race as ... ough the sin he is about to commit in his mind. Approaching the victim, his eyes glaze over and his heart freezes as his hand reaches out to touch the girl. Although his thoughts are spinning, the nee ... right with God before his death penalty was carried out. He was given an opportunity to change his heart. By the end of the movie he learned to love God and also the woman who had spent so much time ...

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tual "in love"� experience lasts about two years. It is biological. The feeling of increased heart beat or blindness to another's imperfections wears out after the europhia of "in love"� ...

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Elements and the Human Body - Calcium

ctions. Calcium also activates the protein fibrin which is used for blood clotting, to regulate the heart beat, muscle tone, muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Calcium is a vital component of sp ... rcalcemia involves the unwanted accumulation of calcium in soft tissue cells such as the liver, the heart or the kidneys.Naturally Occurring SourcesThere are many naturally occurring sources of Calciu ...

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. Once it enters the body the user at first feels nauseous and often vomits, then the breathing and heart rate slow down and the go into a state the makes them look like they are falling asleep. Once ... s, nausea, loss of appetite, collapsed veins from repeated injections, irregular blood pressure and heart beat, fatigue, hepatitis and AIDS from unsanitary injection, stroke or heart attack, coma, and ...

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The Tell Tale Climax

a truly suspenseful tone, Edgar Allan Poe transports his audience from the climax of "The Tell-Tale Heart," quickly to the exposition. Known for his sudden falling actions, Poe uses this technique to ... to leave the reader feeling as though he or she were actually in the narrator's shoes, hearing the heart beat on. This feeling that the reader has is the feeling of being "nervous" (Poe 542); nervous ...

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Equal Rights for Gay Couple Adoption

head; ask any child up for adoption what he or she needs the most. They will answer "a family" in a heart beat. That's what it's all about. A loving family that is ready and willing to take care of th ...

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Smartphones: Americas way of simplifying society

ing it possible to read a book while simultaneously listening to music and checking the rhythm of a heart beat. Smartphones today have the ability to integrate many past forms of education and communi ...

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