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Cynisism in American Politics

ican people's trust in our government declining? According to most people, it definitely is. Recent polls make this argument very valid. In 1995, the Princeton Survey Research Associates conducted a t ... of distrust in the American government? The Post/ABC News polling organization ran seven different polls between 1985-1987 asking, 'How much of the time do you trust the government in Washington to d ...

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Synopsis of "Politicking Goes High-Tech" by Steven Roberts

r he or she is in the lead. The results are needed within hours. After getting the results from the polls, it is then time to determine what action needs to be taken to aid your campaign (or more ofte ... -then, the candidate will have to go back to work all over again creating new ads regarding the new polls--all of which costs more money. A major portion of the money for candidates to use comes from ...

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The essay is a bout radio reinvention in the Philippines. The title is Radio Reinvention.

Radio ReinventionRequests, contests, polls, letters, etc. are just some of the conventional gimmicks radio programs offer their listeners ...

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"VOD: Freedom's Obligation" Voice of democracy paper eplains freedom and your obligation to protect it and such

he free right to choose our rulers. More often than not, freedom is taken for granted. We go to the polls to vote for our government officers, or we engage in a friendly conversation with coworkers ab ...

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Present Government and Bush

untries.Americans who are fundamentally misinformed about 9/11 provide the bulk of those tallied in polls as supporting Bush and the Iraq war. Subtract them from polls and Bush is an unpopular preside ...

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The Value of a Free Press

free press.Today there is an argument that talks about if the First Amendment were presented to the polls today people would vote no because there is a growing disillusionment with what seems to be th ...

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Informed Voter

How To Make An Informed Decision At The PollsWhen a government is ruled by the people it has the power to be more successful than any other ... you want to vote.Being informed and ready to cast your vote is very important when you approach the polls. You do not have to know everything about the candidate that you are voting for. However, you ...

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This essay looks at Abortion. The thesis is that abortion is wrong, ethically, religiously and medically.

he term Abortion as the "termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus." Recent polls have shown that from the number of people that have abortions, fifty percent of people are und ...

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The Future of the Iraqi government

ling people. There is a huge mistrust of the U.S. and what they plan to do in the Middle East. Many polls from Western Europe indicate that even the U.S.'s traditional allies think that this war in Ir ... s of the Bush Administration and the war is not helping his popularity at all. In fact from the few polls available, the Arabs think that the U.S. dissevered the attacks of 9/11. Before going t ...

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Young Voters

not amongst the top priorities for young people. According to Mark Sommer, author of "Shunning The Polls/ Young Voters" implies that young people either don't have enough time for politics or they si ...

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California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and MeCha

rnor of California. His opponent was criticism free Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was way ahead in the polls. Bustamante, in the article is linked to a group MEChA, when he was in college. MEChA stands f ...

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Can Winning the Presidential Debates Affect the Election Outcome? A critique of the 1st debate and how it will affect each candidate. By Rachel Webber

voters said that George Bush won the debate, who really won and what affect could this have on the polls. In two main surveys taken immediately after the elections, Kerry was considered the wi ... was considered the winner by fairly obvious measures and by most "undecided" voters. CNN / Galllup Polls showed Kerry ahead, 53 to 37. A CBS poll released showed Kerry with 44, Bush with 26, and had ...

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First and goal for house dems

the republicans' precious victory seems to be slipping farther from reach. as the polls are getting near, the democrats got a big wave of luck. it should not have much relevance in t ...

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"How Public Opinion Really Works"

s opinion about the true workings and shifting of the poll numbers. He feels that, in reality, many polls are false, taking the temperature of the people long before an adequate reading can be made. T ... ed as a consumer good.I think that the author's thesis about the seven stages and the inaccuracy of polls is somewhat valid. In today's America, waking up to a real terroristic threat, the reactionary ...

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For: Same Sex Marriage.

g gays to marry would cause many conflicts to the American traditional views of marriage. In recent polls, statistics shows how Americans are shifting their views of supporting gay marriages, and are ...

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Managing A Public Relations Crisis.

lic relations team of American Wattage Corporation could be in the form of public surveys, web site polls, and telephone surveys. An ineffective way to address this issue would be for the company to d ...

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Do Campaigns Matter?

ised should go to gaining mass public exposure. This consists of getting their name and values out. Polls are also a influential factor in campaigning. They are conducted at strategic points in campai ... first debate was handled well by Kerry and it was seem that after this debate that according to the polls, Kerry had gained support ahead of Bush once more.Second Debate:In order to keep a substantial ...

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Managing a Crisis Using PR Simulation Summary

, was influenced by, and reactions to the messages sent. For the simulation, I would have developed polls and surveys. Polls and surveys offer a way to send positive and negative information back to t ... hat only forced positive feedback without an opportunity to expound on answers givenWhen developing polls and surveys, it is most effective for the organization to avoid producing a feedback mechanism ...

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Managing a Crisis using PR simulation summary

r she is trying to send to the intended publics of the organization. For the simulation, the use of polls and surveys since these tools identify the current attitudes of the intended publics. These to ... ially the customers really think of the company's products. Another ineffectual way would be having polls that are biased and do not allow the individual taking the survey to give his or her honest op ...

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Managing a Crisis Using PR: Simulation Summary

o hire a research team to find out firsthand relevant facts about a crisis. Also having systems for polls and surveys are a good way to get an idea and understanding of the company's image in the eyes ...

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