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Educational Budget cuts in iowa (negative)

they ranked close to last. For the "greatest nation" in the world, do these scores sound right? The youth of today are the future, and deserve the funding for a good education. Education should be the ... Should this be America's school system? The land of equal opportunities won't be equal anymore.The youth of America deserve a sound education. This cannot be accomplished with the ridiculous budget c ...

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Illicit Drugs: Bringin Down Our Youth.

Illicit Drugs: Bringing Down Our YouthIllegal drug use among adolescents has steadily increased over the last few decades. The United ... the most widely used drug and the number one cash crop in the United States (USA Today, 2002). The youth of today should be more educated as to the side effects of smoking, but it is not stopping the ... tain no ecstasy, but rather poisonous chemicals they think is drug. Ecstasy is readily available to youth of all ages. 50% of high school students say they can easily obtain ecstasy, and 61% of senior ...

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Class Sizes Are Too Large.

r you turn on the television you see commercials about how education is working hard to educate the youth of today and how taxpayers dollars are being invested wisely to educate the youth. You also he ... education reform still has a long way to go, it makes you wonder if the new education reforms cost youth a good strong education because unacceptable class sizes. Class sizes at my school are too lar ...

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"Spider" by William Taylor.

r each generation, reflected by the rising teenage suicide rates of today.So where can the troubled youth of today go to for guidance and reassurance that they are not alone?Before looking in the dire ...

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ESPN:Killing The Habit-An editorial project highlighting the risk of tobacco in ESPN broadcasted sports. One sided.

n the world of public television I realized the true influence ESPN and its advertisers have on the youth of today. This is why I believe ESPN should not allow tobacco sponsors to advertise at their s ... Games are in the 12 to 24 year old age group. In 2003's Winter X Games, this impressionable age of youth were exposed to sponsors such as Mountain Dew, Taco Bell, Verizon Wireless, and...Lorillard To ...

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Youth in New Zealand and our rights

Youth is energy, passion, creativity and dreams. This must be fostered, encouraged and developed. Re ... ust be fostered, encouraged and developed. Real obstacles do exist, both internal and external, but youth are much more than problems. The future of our neighbourhoods, our cities, our country and our ... ms. The future of our neighbourhoods, our cities, our country and our world lie in the hands of the youth of today.Kiwi youth are not Australians, nor Americans, but have a unique flavour and an indiv ...

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Why is Communism a superior form of Government?

e that so many of the good acts performed by Communist Governments are being forgotten, and we, the youth of today are showed and told only of the atrocities that occurred. It is a fact that many of t ...

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Harry Potter and the Wizards/Witches Phenomenon (A Children's Literature Analysis)

ldren? Or, does utilizing literature that peaks their interest and encourages them to read help the youth of today? With the new Harry Potter craze sweeping the globe, concerned parents, teachers and ... ks teach Wicca, a rapidly growing Neopagan religion. He is certain that, "these books encourage our youth to learn more about witches, warlocks, and sorcerers, and those things are an abomination to G ...

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Simple Thoughts from a Young Leader

tten. Do you think we can we still make our society devoid of these dilemmas that will threaten the youth of today?Education will free our nation from suffering. The youth should be prepared emotional ...

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A film comparison between emma and clueless

ort the themes and morals presented within the novel into a modern context that is relatable to the youth of today. Despite these differing objectives the films are similar in terms of storyline, them ... rly Hills high school in the mid-90's, a time and place easily recognised and related to by today's youth. Emma also succesfully accomplished its goal of presenting a classic piece of literature on sc ...

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Teens of today

The values that the youth of today obtain and cherish are often in link with modern technology because they have to adap ... The values usually have significant changes in their lives that change their futures. Although most youths have the same base values, there are different values for different groups of youth including ... ncluding a long yet excellent education or a short but poorer education. Nonetheless, the values of youth can be categorized as education, relationships, and entertainment.As society moves on, the Uni ...

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Menace To Society; Movie Review

is faced with many trials and tribulations. It is a movie that was made to deliver a message to the youth of today. The movie is an amazing movie that anyone can relate to in one way or another. The s ...

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12/15/04College writing 102-"Evaluation Essay""KIDS" The youth of today are corrupted by the fast pace, no time for you, type of attitude. We are brought up ...

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The U.S. is and overweight country.

e is rising every year, not only are adults becoming obese, but it is becoming a big problem in the youth of today. Obesity effects the way of life that one lives.What is obesity? Obesity is men who a ... is affecting a lot of people in our economy today. One of the biggest problems with obesity is the youth of today. There are more and more kids becoming obese or overweight. Our county is considered ...

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Health issues facing young people in australia today

There are many health issues facing the youth of today's Australia. This written work will deal with three of these major issues namely eati ... shall prove to be of great interest to all readers, as everyone has some level of contact with the youth of our country. Australia's young people are stricken with many tough issues, and as parents, ... nds, brothers and sisters, we need to create a generation of self-satisfied, strong morally upright youth.Eating disorders, namely anorexia nervosa, bulimia and obesity, have serious effects on a pers ...

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Is the Harry Potter phenomena reviving children's love for books or creating a new generation of occult followers?

hildren? Or, does making the most of literature that interests and encourages them to read help the youth of today? With the Harry Potter craze sweeping the world, concerned parents, teachers and reli ...

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Academy Awards Acceptance speeches: Best Male Actor- Orlando Bloom (Romeo and Juliet)

. Baz has taken a well-known play and transformed it into a young and sexy film that appeals to the youth of today. Future students of film will consider his editing of the opening scene a masterpiece ...

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World centered, Reader centered and a Discourse analysis on the book 'Raw'

novel 'raw' was not only a good read, but it also touched on topics that can show relevance to the youth of today. It showed that even in the depths of darkness, there can be a ray of light that can ... her it is love, friendship or determination. The book shines light on how crime does not pay up for youth, and convinces teenagers to steer clear of heading down any illegal paths in life. I believe t ...

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The Immorality Of Plagerism

rnment which promotes collectivist thinking and the reductions of individualism. Unfortunately, the youth of today have become that type of collectivist society. They do not think for themselves. They ...

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Teenage Gun Users

uns just for the fun of it. But should it be up to the government or the parents to decide what the youth of today is allowed to do in their free time? Teenage shooters put up with a lot of flak from ...

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