Abortion poem 2

Essay by m_iria_m June 2004

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Thank you mommy for carrying me, everywhere we go,

Thanks mommy for loving me and rocking me to and fro,

I loved you mommy, and you loved me,

I thought we were as happy as could be,

but then you really made me cry,

when you made the worse choice, and didn't try,

to get to know me, or love me, or hold me tight,

or cradle me when I needed you late in the night,

I wanted to be your little girl,

The one special gift in this world,

but of all the things that you did to me,

this was by far the most heart breaking you see,

you killed me, because you didn't think it was true,

I never got to tell you, that I loved you.

Thanks mommy for drinking beer from a cup,

I congratulate, you on giving up,

you killed me before you had one glance,

at the life you played at chance,

I never got to see the birds, the bees, the flowers or trees,

Thanks for giving up on me.