Animal Abuse

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In this paper I hope to convince you, the reader, that animal get inhumanly treated each and everyday and that there are many ways you can help to stop it. Everyday millions of animals get killed in countless ways, for the pleasures of people. I'm talking about useless pleasures, for instance, beauty products and clothing. Healthy animals get tested on just to see if senseless products are safe, when they are ways of testing on things without the torture of animals. The problem with that way is its supposedly more expensive, companies say, but really its just as costly, but more effective. People mistreat animals in many ways and you're just about to find out a few of the ways and it may open your eyes into the cruel world animals have to live in.

First off, there is eating animal meat. It's a common thing to do, but its also the easiest thing you can do to end the cruelty to animals. You think they don't know any different than to live in a extremely small pen, and eventually get slaughtered, but actually they get beat to death, and that is a common thing. You think I'm just talking about pigs, but actually its ever animal that gets eaten, except the poultry we eat and fish. If they don't die when they get stunned, they usually get beat with a big, heavy block, but usually they get hung with they're hind legs tied together and get they're neck cut, bleeding to death while squealing bloody murder, literally. They're living condition are also a bad story. Feces, blood, and ammonia are the 3 things that you smell the most here. Ammonia is what the workers use to drain out the rancid smell of feces and any other stench. This...