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Carl Who?

It was the beginning of another typical day for Carl. The sun shone through his window and his alarm clock went off waking him up. Through his window he saw the spring leaves starting to sprout and a clear sky with a rising sun. Lazily he hits the snooze button for another 20 minutes of sleep not realizing it was a school day. Quickly a yell come from downstairs that he had missed the bus. Finally getting up he trips over a stuffed animal and lands on one of his precious test tubes. He realized that he had hit the test tube and a sharp pain went through his body making him scream and jump. Another yell and Carl was off running to get downstairs. Running while getting his cloth on he got to the breakfast table and shoved some cereal in his mouth. With his mom now honking outside for him to get into the car he runs and gets his book bag.

Finally he reaches the car and hops in the front seat. His day in school will only get worse from here.

Sprinting up the school staircase with a late pass he trips and lands face first breaking his calculator. All he can think about is science class so he leaves the calculator behind. Getting to the class he sits down and busily starts to take notes. A few kids yell and shout at him and others call him a nerd. A few girls giggle but then look away. A huge roar of laughter then exploded from the class. The teacher franticly trying to calm the kids asks what has happened. The kids all points to Carl's clothes. He is wearing slacks and a bright shirt with a pink and brown polka dotted tie.