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Central Problem

How an employee feels about his or her company directly impacts his or her work performance and productivity. One of an employee's first impressions of their new company is based upon their orientation. This fragile new employee to employer relationship was jeopardized at ABC, Inc due to a lack of preparation. Analysis of the situation revealed the conclusion that if personnel in charge of recruiting and orientation had been prepared and had avoided procrastination in the organization of the orientation, this situation would not have occurred.


Fifteen new trainees were recruited two months in advance of their proposed orientation date. Two weeks before the orientation was to take place, several issues were discovered. A major portion of the paperwork needed for the new hires was incomplete including applications, transcripts, proof of mandatory drug screenings, and orientation manuals. The recruiter not scheduling the training room in which to conduct the orientation further complicated the issue.

Another department booked the room, which left the recruiter with no place to conduct the orientation class as planned.


One possible resolution for this issue would be to postpone the orientation until a later date. However, this option is not viable due to the impact this decision would have on, not only the company, but also on the new employees. Production would be negatively affected by the delay in the start of work by the new employees and the employees' morale may be negatively impacted by an initial impression of their new company as being unorganized.

Another possible resolution to this issue would be to terminate the employment of the recruiter whose procrastination and lack of organization caused the situation. However, this is not the best solution either because his termination would not resolve the existing issues with the impending orientation and...