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Cell Phones Evolving from their utilitarian beginnings, cellular phones have emerged as the new status symbol for Americans. From middle-schoolers to stock brokers, cellular phones have revolutionized the way we communicate; this fast- paced, talk on the go, compact, technological gizmo, has come to symbolize a distinctly American way of life. Unlike the budget-busting Porsche or Armani suit that shows the size of your bank account, the cellular phone is affordable to the general public. The sophistication involved in a personal cellular phone is the characteristic that relates to a person's importance to society. The array of models spans from the clunky ancients, which people hide from the public's eye to the sleek varieties that can fit in a shirt pocket.

Like the Sports Utility Vehicle, cell phones can be a great asset to the owner. Many situations need the versatility and convenience provided by these technological wonders, but all too often they are simply a show of extravagance.

Similar to driving a jungle-outfitted, top of the line SUV a mile to get a newspaper, cellular phones have become so commonplace people will use them to excess. Couples calling each other while shopping to ask what brand they prefer or children telling their parents to pick them up from school instead of pre-coordinating the pickup or waiting for fifteen minutes are examples of such excess. Many situations have no practical reason to necessitate the use of a cell phone. It is often only used as a way to exhibit networking skills and importance. When a person receives a call, he or she appears important. The call implies the person's ideas and knowledge are vital, thus necessitating constant accessibility. This show of importance drives many to buy unnecessary cell phones, just to stand out from the crowd.

The cell phone...