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There are many different forms of abuse such as : physical, mental, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. Child abuse is the most damaging type of sexual assault there is. Children who have been victims of this can be scarred and traumatized for life. Some will suffer of intense psychological trauma or various disorders, others will be prone to prostitution or drug abuse and many shall become a harm to society themselves.

Depression can be one of the most frequent results of sexual assault. Without treatment, the consequences can sometimes be very numerous. "Some of the aftereffects can include: inability to trust, fear of intimacy, depression, suicidal ideation and other self-destructive behaviors." (Internet) All too often, a young boy or girl who has been sexually violated will be led to think, by the pedophiles, that they are to blame and that sharing the dirty little secrets would only get the parents angry and disappointed.

Those kids will sometimes become very closed and afraid. Seeing how they are now confused, they will strive for someone who understands and is willing to listen. Unfortunately, the symptoms are frequently mistaken as meaningless and ignored by the people who are there to help. An abused child will then become separated from the world around him / her."Much of the trauma for a victim arises from the feelings of helplessness and impotence" .(Bray, 48) It is very hard for those involved to deal with the feeling that someone else was in control of their body and that there was nothing they could have done. Another common self-defense mechanism among victims is to slip into a trans-like state that some describe as like floating out of their bodies.(Miller, p. B2) In some rare but tragic cases, sexual abuse could even lead to problems like multiple...