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Dear whomever came up with dating: Because of a combination of semi-idiot actions what is, to this day, an attempt to "dump" a guy; and a complete idiot man convinced that just because an "intelligent" action from his part is a sign or indication of revenge. My dating experience was Hell. It all started when my "Romeo" Aza asked me out. I was committed to Aza for awhile until one day, for no reason at all, I grew weary of him. Well, I don't blame myself; after all, it was one whole month. My only dilemma was how to tell him that I didn't want to be with him anymore, so I decided to ask my best friend for a favor. Melissa looked physically similar to me, and Aza had always wanted to "hook up" with her, but he wasn't able to because he was stuck with me and didn't want to "hurt" my feelings.

Therefore, I decided to play Dr. Love and hook up Aza and Melissa with at least a kiss. Hey! I was doing both Aza and I a favor. Aza was finally going to be able to kiss Melissa, and I was going to have an excuse to end the relationship. My plan was too good to be true, so I thought.

Melissa's role for the plan was to tell Aza that she was willing to keep the kiss a secret, and by coincidence, I would find out and become "jealous" and end our commitment. After the big day, I went to Melissa's house to see how the plan went. Much to my surprise, she said that nothing had happened because she had gotten too nervous. Eventually, I decided that my plan was heartless and decided against it and stayed with Aza.

One day, Aza's best friend, Eddie, came to my house and was putting the "moves" on me. At first I wouldn't let him kiss me, but then he promised me that he would keep the kiss a secret. This proposition was too hard to resist being that Eddie looked like "Tom Cruise". So, I gave in and we locked lips. After our indiscretion, Eddie left and I went to my room to finish my English assignment. Suddenly, someone started banging harshly on my door. It was a friend, who came to tell me that Aza had found out that I had kissed Eddie. Aza had found out because it was Aza himself that had planned our foolishness. Oh Lord, was I dreaming? "He planned this whole stunt!" I screamed at my friend. She also told me that Aza knew all about my plan with Melissa, and he wanted revenge. Her last words were: "The only difference was that you fell into his trap; he didn't fall into yours." As a result of this incident, and as an 18-year-old adult woman, I became the queen of finicking when it comes to men asking me out. I get even more fastidious if a man is known for being a "player". Evidently, at my advanced age, I should be the one playing with men. After all, all they seem to have in their minds is revenge. How should I respond to these dim bulbs on my mind? Clearly, if I don't want to keep dating a guy, I should let him know right away and not play with him. So to whomever came up with dating, I would like to know if there's a way to find a reasonable and polite response from a guy instead of revenge?