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English Science Fiction Story

Title: Unknown Planet

Setting: The year 2025. In a Universal Spaceship, 1,000,000 light years away from earth.

Main Characters:

Bryan Connor- pilot

Charlie Adams- assistant pilot

Jason Bollo- psychologist


The clock read 11:59 pm...... I swiveled around from my computer and grabbed for the last of my mocha chocolate. I swallowed the last cold dregs and looked over to the other side of the room. My assistant pilot Charlie Adams was seated in front of her telecommunication computer, typing. She felt my gaze on her. She turned around and yawned.

"Busy day?" she asked, her bright, clear eyes smiling.

"Not really" I replied rubbing my hands into my hair.

"Well, I've has such an awesome day!" she teases, tossing back her red plait.

She was a beautiful woman but, I was just not into any relationships at this moment, judging by the death of my recent girlfriend.

She was killed in one of her flight tests. Something had happened to the computer. The computer had crashed and the carrier was forced into a meteor. A freak accident people thought .......

I wanted to quit my job as a pilot after that traumatic experience, but I knew Marie had wished for me to pursue my career in battle shipping.

I glanced up at Charlie, She smiled at me sympathetically

"You like your job?" she asked toying with her braid.

"Well unless you consider doing nothing a good job!" I retorted, "Man....I thought I'd be doing intrestin' stuff like......Saving Humanity! Anyways, what's with all those geeks back there? What's so interestin' about some rocks anyways?" I muttered pointing my finger at the group of young men crowded around a table in the controlling room. "Probably checking out the data on the latest extraordinary pebble!" I...